Why Wait? Perfect Your Food Truck Experience

Let's be honest. "Food Truck" is a lie or at least a bit of a misnomer. For the connoisseur / foodie in the know, food trucks are fine dining on four wheels. We all have our favorites. We all have our cravings. QuickBite caters to that craving. It enables you to find your favorite truck, place your order, pay for it, track its progress, pick it up as it's plated, and feast on it wherever you please. 


Avoid the Lines

Lines. They're a fact of life, sometimes. Yet sometimes you can draw outside of them. Cut them. Jump them. Cross them. Blur them. Skip them or just pretend that they don't exist. QuickBite is all about erasing the lines. It lets you order from anywhere and go straight to the front of the line when its ready. 


Your time

Time is money. How you spend either is up to you.

You've got a wall of meetings staring at you from the other side of 1 p.m. Work to do and you're starving. You need to eat. Not just calories, but food to fuel your imagination and make your brain fire on all cylinders. You've just enough time to walk to your favorite food truck but not enough to order and wait. No worries. QuickBite is to the rescue.

QuickBite is about saving you time while ensuring that you maximize your experiences and don't miss out on a meal.

Foodie Convenience.jpg


Find the food you want. Order at your leisure. Pay via the app.  Track the progress of your meal. Time your arrival as your order is finished. Give the Food Truck operator your name and get your order.

Have breakfast waiting for you on your way into the office. Take a stroll to pick up lunch or skip the dinnertime shuffle and pick it up on your way home.

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, if you've got food truck fare on your mind, QuickBite can help you make it happen.

Be in the Quick of things...

Tired of waiting in line to order and then standing around for your food? There's got to be a better way...and there is. QuickBite.

Download the QuickBite! app today and stop waiting in lines to eat.

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