Meet your customers where they are…be mobile

Take advantage of technology to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible for your customers, rain or shine, line or no line.

🚚 In-app ordering  
(weather, efficiency, customer UX) 

πŸ“± Pay only when the app works for you
(per order pricing)

πŸ’³ Integration with your POS

πŸ“ˆ Analytics & Inventory
(what sells, when it sells, and where it sells)

πŸ“£ Access a new mobile audience


In-app ordering for a Better Customer Experience

Waiting in lines is fine for some people in certain places but waiting for food isn’t the place anyone wants to wait. Maybe they're at a music festival and want to eat, and instead of leaving the concert they can now order via their phone and show up after the concert is over without having to wait in the long line. Or they're in the office and they have a meeting coming up so they order from their phone and pick up the food just as its being packaged to go. Whatever the situation, the struggle is real.

QuickBite's in App ordering gives your customer the power to have their cake and eat it too. (By which we mean do their thing rather than wait in line and still get your delicious food.)

Plus, you don't have to wait for them to decide or pay; the wireless gods work while you prep other orders.

Per order pricing

We charge 10% per order with no upfront fees and the ability to cancel at anytime. Also we cap the platform fees at $40 per month and after that we only charge 4% which allows you to keep more money in your pocket.

With per order pricing, you only pay when the app brings in the order. Because we only make money when you do, we want every restaurant to succeed. This no-risk pricing model allows you to adopt and leverage the latest technology without losing any of your investment capital.

It's smart and it scales. 

QuickBiteAppFood copy.jpeg


Integration and Analytics

QuickBite integrates with your existing POS, helps you track your inventory, and provides in-depth sales analytics down to the second and the cent.

QuickBite tells you: what sells , when it sells, where it sells, and under what conditions it sells.  So when you're planning out your week, QuickBite's analytics turn it from a guessing game to a strategic planning session.

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